Zombie Rampage

Zombie Rampage

Zombie Rampage is an entertaining game which will keep you playing for hours
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Zombie Rampage is an entertaining game which will keep you playing for hours. Zombie games are all very similar. This one is pretty addictive. There are two game modes: The Defense Mode and the Survival Mode. On the Defense mode, you start with a basic weapon and protect yourself from a wave of zombies. After you've destroyed the first wave, you will be able to buy weapons with the experience points you have collected. You win experience points by killing zombies. The second wave is going to be bigger and the zombies are going to be more aggressive, so you will need better weapons. The Survival Mode only has one stage. There will be tons and tons of zombies trying to reach you and bite you. All you need to do is to shoot and keep yourself safe and far from them. On this mode, you start with thousands of experience points so you can choose any weapon. There are different types of weapons: Pistols, Shotguns, Magnums, Miniguns, Assault Rifles, Laser Cannons and more. The Survival Mode finishes when the zombies kill you. It's up to you to defend yourself but sometimes there's nothing you can do. Specially when they surround you or it's high time for you to reload the gun.

The game is free and very entertaining. You can play for hours using every gun and trying to survive as long as possible and score points.

Sebastian Fernandez
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  • It has two game modes
  • There are a lot of weapons
  • It's free


  • Sometimes there's nothing you can do to survive
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